Why Comenius




In our cross-curricular project we want to raise students’ awareness about a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in the context of modern and changing Europe. They will study different aspects of our lives as food, health and sports, transportation and environment, energy and recycling, shopping and consuming. They will explore their own experiences and learn about processes in nature, science, society and economy which gives them a deeper insight into the background of everyday life processes that they usually take for granted. They will use their knowledge and creativity to develop ideas for alternatives. They will explore the influence of globalization on our life and learn how to influence life as active citizens. Taking part in mobilities they will learn about their European friends and compare their lifestyles with children from the partner countries by sharing project results, during mobilities and through modern media. This will widen their understanding of having a European identity, learn about their role, rights and responsibility as European and world citizens. All subjects and age levels of the participating schools will be included supporting students’ active, innovative and creative work on the project fields. We will involve parents, local communities and other partners. The students will get into contact with different European languages and use English as the project language for communication and presentation. High priority will be given to the development of the students’ methodical and ICT competences. They will learn to plan, carry out and disseminate projects and present their results like books, artwork, computer presentations or inventions to a wider audience. Our mascot Pocy will travel through Europe, visit our schools and carry project results.